Website creation

Prix: 200000 Ariary
YOU NEED AN INTERNET SITE. Do you want to know why?
✔️ GET MORE VISIBILITY for your business / activity / store: Your customers will no longer need to contact you or consult your premises to learn about the services you offer, or the products you sell. You can display everything you want on your website (products, services, opening hours, address, telephone contact, email, etc.)
✔️ CONSULTABLE AT ANY TIME: at any time and anywhere in the world, your customers will always be able to consult your business without interruption.
✔️ EASY AND QUICKLY MODIFIABLE: A website is a very good advertising tool, but unlike you can always, and easily make changes to the contents of your pages.
✔️ AUTOMATIC TASKS: A website is a computer tool, so programmed. It will allow you to make some automatic tasks, which will save you time and money. For example: Collecting and sorting your contacts (customers), making an automatic appointment, buying online ...)
✔️ BEST INVESTMENT: in time, you will see your profits: notoriety, better impression vis-à-vis your visitors, saving time and money, simplification of certain tasks ...

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